Viking Hot Takes - Watching the playoffs and cannibalism?!

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The 7-9 Minnesota Vikings are watching the playoffs at Home. The Detroit Lions have converted to cannibalism, and I am terrified. “And NOW, It’s time for Viking Hot Takes. The FAST MOVING Minnesota Vikings Talk Show. We’ve got Eric Thompson from the Daily Norseman. We’ve got Flip Mazzi from Climbing the Pocket. SO Buckle Up, protect your kneecaps and Let’s GO. Flip asks: 1. Who are your cheering for in the playoffs? 2. What was your favorite play from the Vikings 2020 season? 3. Who is the Vikings 2021 Backup QB? Eric asks: 1. What position should be highest priority for the Vikings in free agency? 2. If you had to choose only one pending Vikings free agent to re-sign on each side of the ball, who would it be? 3. If Kubiak officially retires [he did], who is on your wish list for Offensive Coordinator? #Vikings #VikingHotTakes #CTPN #ClimbingThePocket PS - We couldn't go live, but we did record. Enjoy the show! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Climbing The Pocket