Viking Hot Takes - Moves and Preparations

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The roster shuffling continues, injuries take their toll, hope is eternal and we haven’t even got to week 1 yet. It’s time for Viking Hot Takes. The FAST MOVING Minnesota Vikings Talk Show. We have Eric Thompson from the Daily Norseman. We’ve got Flip Mazzi from Climbing the Pocket. SO Buckle Up, protect your kneecaps and Let’s GO! It is hot, but fans are back watching their favorite team assemble for the 2021 campaign. No excuses this season. It is time to go further than any other Vikings team before it. Can they? Flip and Eric are back for the 14th episode of Viking Hot Takes on the Climbing The Pocket channel on Thursday night. Following the usual format of the show, we put the usual 20 minutes on the clock and asked each other three questions: Flip asks 1. When opponents line up against the Vikings offense, how should they attack us? 2. Who/what is the biggest X-Factor for Minnesota? 3. Where are you watching the games this year? Eric asks 1. Which roster move this week surprised you the most? 2. What is your biggest concern about the Vikings heading into Week 1? 3. Are the Vikings a playoff team as currently constructed? Six questions, 6 points. What about the extra point? Fan with us!!! Talk with Flip Mazzi @Flipmazzi, Eric Thompson @eric_j_thompson, and Dave @Luft_Krigare producing a @Climb_ThePocket Network’s & @DailyNorseman’s production. Subscribe to us here! - Catch the show here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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