Viking Hot Takes - Dozier, Talent, & the Restructures

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From the state of your Minnesota Vikings as they continue making offseason decisions… Big moves like the re-signing of Dakota Dozier, the second worst guard in the league last season, continue. Has it helped the offense? How about the Mason Cole trade? What grade you give the Vikings in free agency? Is the team better? What is now the Vikings strength? Take two Vikingsphere personalities, the great Flip Mazzi of Climbing the Pocket and Luke Braun from Locked On Vikings [and Locked On NFL] and throw them under the clock and let the hot takes fly. “It’s time for Viking Hot Takes. The FAST MOVING Minnesota Vikings Talk Show. Today, we’ve got special guest Luke Braun from Locked On Vikings. We’ve got Flip Mazzi from Climbing the Pocket. SO Buckle Up, protect your kneecaps and Let’s GO!” Flip asks: 1. Dakota Dozier is back??? Make it make sense. 2. Which side of the football has more talent? Offense or Defense? 3. What is you final grade for the Vikings 2021 free agency? Luke asks: 1. Who is the least rational free agent you want the Vikings to bring in? 2. How many years can the Vikings manage their cap with restructures (i.e. without sustaining enough unavoidable losses as to destroy a season) 3. It’s a surprise! - Not even Flip knows. #Vikings #VikingHotTakes #CTPN #ClimbingThePocket #LetGetLive Fan with us!!! Flip Mazzi @Flipmazzi, Luke Braun @LukeBraunNFL and Dave @Luft_Krigare producing a @Climb_ThePocket Network’s & @DailyNorseman’s production. Subscribe to us here! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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