Two Old Bloggers - Vikings vs Ravens - Purple On Purple Crime

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The Minnesota Vikings are heading towards yet another important game. Your Vikings versus the Baltimore Ravens will happen Sunday. This is a battle of the NFL’s two purple teams, a Purple On Purple Crime no less. These are two teams that have been known to play down or up to their opponents this season so far. The difference is that the Ravens have won more and are sitting at 5-2 and are coming off their bye week. Two of the most tenured coaches in the league will battle with some of their squads missing and it might comes down to who will take the most advantage of that. Do you feel it could be the Vikings this time? Fun fact of history in this matchup is that the two teams have played 6 times total before this weekend. They are 3-3 over those 6 games, and the weird part is that the years the Vikings won, they went on to play in the NFC Championship. In the years they lost, their coach was fired. Mike Zimmer will be coaching for the win. Dave and Darren who both started blogging on the Purple decades ago will go over a way to possibly start a winning streak, so get ready for the Climbing The Pocket and Daily Norseman pregame show! Talking points Subject#1 Mike Zimmer (and staff) vs. John Harbaugh (and staff) - Basically going to talk about how Zimmer seems to keeps losing the coaching battle to opposing coaches. - Vikings don't manage the clock well. Don't seem one step ahead of the opposition. In fact, it's the opposite. - Is it our coordinators who are the problem? While Harbaugh has Greg Roman and Martindale, the Vikings have Klint Kubiak and Patterson/Adam Zimmer. - Which head coach is going to have his team more prepared? I wouldn't bet on Zimmer. Subject #2 What's up with the Vikings offense? - We expected the Vikings to have an explosive offense this year. The team is now 18th in the league in points scored. - What is wrong with the unit? Kubiak is the easy fall guy but is it more than that? - Need to get Jefferson involved early - like the Vikings did with Thielen in the Carolina game. It's criminal he only had two catches against Dallas. - Vikings have scored way more on the road this year than at home for some reason. - Need the offense to get chunk plays and be more explosive. They'll need a strong game from the offensive line to do that. Subject #3 Can the Vikings stopping Lamar Jackson? Join us for your Minnesota Vikings talk amongst Two Old Bloggers and join the conversation! Fan with us!!! Come join the @Climb_ThePocket’s & @DailyNorseman’s blogger show with Darren @KickassblogVike and Dave @Luft_Krigare. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Subscribe to us here! - Catch it here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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