Skoldiers - 090 - Looking for a Spark

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Mike and Ed discuss the Vikings state, Zimmer’s seat temperature, refreshing the culture, and preview the Chargers game. 3-5 Record Disappointing for what this team has for weapons Squandered defensive efforts Coaching failures costing games Player execution direct result of 2 losses Mike Zimmer Should he stay on for the year? What will it take for him to be retained? Why have Zimmer teams failed to close games? Thumbs on the offensive scheme? GM to stay? Assessing Rick Spielman Decent hit rate on draft picks Elite contract negotiation and cap navigation Chargers preview Built similar to the Vikings History similar to Vikings in losing close games Could be a matchup where you need to score a boatload of points to be competitive Justin Jefferson needs to have a game Weird Season Setting all the wrong records Unable to close games One game decided by more than 7 points Five games decided in OT or on the last play of the game Predictions Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Climbing The Pocket