Skoldiers - 088 - From Cats to Birds

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Mike and Ed take a look at what it will take to ground the Cardinals, and improve to 1-1 on the season in a seemingly must-win game for the Vikings. Bengals Debrief Not a great game penalty wise Kirk Cousins missed some obvious throws Klint Kubiak slow start as offensive coordinator - anomaly or trend? Defensive backs had a rough day at times - can Mike Zimmer coach them up in time to stop Kyler Murray and friends? Arizona Offensive line must improve Rashod Hill with a tough test against a surging Chandler Jones Garrett Bradbury bullrushed to oblivion - needs to get better quick Vikings Defensive line had a solid outing - need to repeat and build Michael Pierce showing why we signed him ahead of 2020 Offense, not Defense Offense, not Defense will be required to beat Arizona Interior pressure will help Danielle Hunter get after Kyler Murray Defensive backs should play better given Mike Zimmer’s history of adjustments after down games Special Teams One game in and the special teams appears to be on pace for all-pro status Greg Joseph with cleats of steel - can it continue? Special teams play a must to flip fields and give Cousins and Co. a chance Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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