GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Reiff Cut & Dominoes Fall

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Riley Reiff was cut and now dominoes are starting fall on the offensive line. How will it change the look of the line, the free agency and draft strategies, and the results? Does Ezra Cleveland get his start at left tackle? He drafted as one, but has yet to take the snap there that any fans have seen. Does Brian O’Neill get moved over to left tackle. He’s coming up on an extension and we know left tackles get paid more than right tackles do. Do the Vikings try and get Orlando Brown Jr? Darren Wolfson confirmed earlier in the week that the Vikings had talked to the Ravens about what it would take. What about the guard positions? The Vikes needed a left guard, but if Cleveland moves to tackle, they will need two. Dominoes are falling and we don’t know yet where it will end up. What are your guesses? The Vikings have managed through the some key cuts of Kyle Rudolph and Riley Reiff to get under the cap and are sitting around $8M below it. That doesn’t give them room for any splash type free agents though. Do they need one or two? If they do, who is next to be released or traded? Shamar Stephen would clear a few, but the big fish would be if Anthony Barr was traded. That again would affect draft and free agent strategy. There might be some extensions like to Harrison Smith to free up a bit, but we aren’t talking chunks like a Barr trade, or even a Cousins trade could generate. This next week should tell us a lot. …Like the the biggest question of all… Are the Vikings an ascending team, just treading water, or worse, a descending team? Welcome to your Minnesota Vikings talk amongst Two Old Bloggers. Fan with us!!! Come join the @Climb_ThePocket Network’s newest show with Darren @KickassblogVike and Dave @Luft_Krigare. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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