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The Climbing The Pocket Network’s and Daily Norseman’s ‘In The Huddle’ crew of various CTP personalities gathers to talk your Minnesota Vikings. Jayson Brown, Myles Gorham along with Dave Stefano will be there answering your Minnesota Vikings questions and talking what’s happening in free agency. Dakota Dozier is re-signed, Mason Cole traded for, the DB room grows with Patrick Peterson, Mackensie Alexander and Xavier Woods. What needs for the Vikes remain? What needs shored up? What rumors are we hearing? How do you feel? We talked O-line and I went off on the ineptitude of this organization to fix the issue. This morning, I see this simple printed piece that shows where the QB pressures come from. Per PFF, here’s the distribution of where pressure on Cousins came from last year (lower is better): LT: 14.0% (2nd lowest) LG: 26.1% (2nd highest) C: 16.5% (5th highest) RG: 25.0% (2nd highest) RT: 14.8% (5th lowest) QB: 15.3% (10th highest) It is simple to see and simple to know where to fix… So the Vikings re-sign Dakota Dozier. “Hey Spielman! You’re doing it wrong!” On tonight’s show: - Dakota Dozier re-signing - Breaking down Mason Cole - The revamped DB room - Current needs to shore up the roster #Vikings, #CTP, #InTheHuddle, #LetsGetLive Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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