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The Minnesota Vikings played the San Francisco 49ers last night and even though it mainly the 2’s and 3’s squaring up, it wasn’t what Vikings fans had hoped for in the only home game of the preseason. It was a real snoozer of a game that saw backward steps in the progress of Kellen Mond as a QB2. Sean Mannion was pure Mannion and now the biggest question of the game is if the Vikings bring in some other quarterback to backup Kirk Cousins? There were some good performances though from the backups with T.Y. McGill earning the top spot on the night. He was dominate being disruptive at nose tackle, racking up more pressures, sacks, and run stops. He makes talk of D-line depth seem solved. Barring the Vikings signing Ndamukong Suh, he should round out the defensive tackle room just fine. Here are the themes for the show: Theme #1: Preseason game #2: Vikings/49ers – what we saw Theme #2: Vikings positional battles heat up! Theme #3: Message to Vikings fans – R-E-L-A-X Darren Campbell and David Stefano are the Two Old Bloggers. Both started their public commentary on the Vikings two decades ago on various blogs. They now do it via live streams on YouTube and Facebook. We appreciate your team fandom and that you take the time to enjoy it with us. Join us for your Minnesota Vikings talk amongst Two Old Bloggers and join the conversation! Fan with us!!! Come join the @Climb_ThePocket ’s & @DailyNorseman ’s blogger show with Darren @KickassblogVike and Dave @Luft_Krigare , along with an occasional special guest appearance from Tyler Forness @TheRealForno . Plus, enjoy an OUTSTANDING brew from @LakeMonsterBrew . _____________________________________________________________________________________ Subscribe to us here! - Watch the live show here: At Facebook: Partners: Lake Monster Brewing - Eastside Jiu-Jitsu Club - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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