Vikings, Ceilings, OC, Free Agents & Playoffs - CTPN’s In The Huddle

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Tonight, The Climbing The Pocket Network personalities of Jayson Brown. Myles Gorham , Flip Mazzi and Nick Olson recap the #Vikings win over the #Lions, discuss team building with Zim and Rick, our top choices to replace Kubiak, and some notable free agents that would look great in purple and the #Playoffs. Your Minnesota Vikings defeated the Detroit Lions in an almost meaningless week 17 game to finish the season at a very painful 7-9. With that, the Vikes land the #14 draft slot and next season’s opponents have been set. Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer will get a chance to run everything back. After 7 seasons though, have they reached their collective ceiling? Can they bounce back with a more competitive team and one that makes a long run in the playoffs? Gary Kubiak might retire and Zimmer will be looking for a new offensive coordinator… again. Who will that be? Who would you like it to be? Who will maximize Kirk Cousins’ play and still play to Mike’s love of running the football with Dalvin Cook? After lots of injuries, especially on the defensive side of the football, getting those guys back and healthy will help, but what other free agents are available that can contribute to making the defense good or even elite again? What about the offensive side? The refrain of, “can he play guard?” rings across the Vikings Nation. Might one of those players be someone we see play this weekend for the Wildcard round of the playoffs? Let us know, and join us in the discussion. #Vikings #ZooLegacy #Playoffs, #ClimbingThePocket #InTheHuddle #CTP